Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been put to shame!

My dear friend, Brenda Rose, at , just announced her 500th follower! That is so awesome! She has created the most gorgeous artwork for years and if you check out her blog, you'll be following her, too!

Me, I have three - that's right - three followers. And I'm happy about all three of them! But Brenda has inspired me to change that. So, I'm going to try to post something at least two or three times a week. Sometimes there will be artwork, sometimes travel photos or stories, and sometimes just a thought or two about what's going on in paradise (aka Sarasota, Florida).

Today, you get two posts from me. Lucky you! It's been another busy day. Starting at 10 a.m., Dick's occupational therapist, Laurie, came to check up on him and get his report on how well he's doing with his exercises. (He really only does them when she is here.)

Then the nurse's aide, MaryAnn, came and helped him with a bath. He said he felt better after that though it does wear him out. He hasn't felt well for a couple of days. He got a flu shot Monday and we think he had a bit of a reaction to it.

After MaryAnn, Vincent, our new yard man, came to trim the shrubs, bougainvillea, oleanders, jasmine, and palms surrounding our house and the one next door. Stuff grows very fast here in paradise and can get out of control in a heartbeat! Especially during rainy season, which is now.

Then the lawn irrigation people showed up to repair some leaks, replace some sprinkler heads and check out the systems here and next door. Maxine, the third new employee this company has had in as many months, was a trip but knows her stuff! She's a tiny little thing but mighty, full of gusto, and happy to have a job she loves. I like her!
She said I was a BITCH - Beautiful, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Caring Human. Love that! Maxine said so many people have called her a bitch over the years that she had to turn it into an acronym that meant something positive. She made my day!

Somewhere in the midst of all those people coming and going, I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry, fix Dick his breakfast and lunch, prepare his breathing treatment, give him his morning meds, take the dog out, pay some bills online, check emails, shower, get dressed, and brush my teeth.

Then it was off to PetSmart to replenish Saylor's supply of Greenies and meet my friend, Deanna, to deliver her Close to my Heart order - the new Cricut Artiste Collection. Thank you, Deanna, for the order and being kind enough to meet me at the PetSmart parking lot to make the exchange. (This must be how the drug dealers work, haha!) Deanna and I have been trying to get together for two months. She's busy, too! :-) She is from Allentown, PA and comes to Sarasota in the spring and late summer. She's on her way back to Allentown until April. We promised each other we'd get together for some crafting, fun, and food when she returns. Looking forward to that!

A run through McDonald's for an iced mocha and a brief stop at CVS for more meds, and it was home again. Just in time for another breathing treatment for Dick, to thank Vincent for working so hard in the sun, put the wet clothes in the dryer, start another load, go through the day's mail, empty the dishwasher, and figure out what's for dinner.

Paradise can be very deceiving. Think I'll go make some cards....

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  1. Oh Penny, I loved your post! That's what blogging is all about, and I am going to be happy to check in with you on a regular basis!! Show some of that beautiful artwork of yours, and you are really going to grab some followers!!